Monday, March 23, 2015

The Aging Body....

Well, it's nice to know that I'm not invincible ( then again, I'm lying). I started going back to the gym
making it my daily early morning routine, keeping myself well toned and healthy as people continue trying to guess my age.

Last week I kind of over did it by lifting more than I should have which resulted in me straining my lower back and let me tell you, it's been a trying recovery because I'm one who likes to heal quickly getting back into routine but instead I've been using a baseball bat as a cane as I get up to walk around my home, putting a generous amount of Icey Hot on the affected area while also using a heating pad until I've finally healed

When I was younger, when you strained a muscle something it took a couple of days to heal but as you get older, well the body takes a little more time to heal than I like, which tends to make me a bit impatient. Ah, to be young again!!!

Sometimes I act as if I'm still young at heart but the body tends to remind me that the maturity of life has crept upon me .

No fair, no fair, I cry wishing there truly was a fountain of youth but instead I will just have to adjust my eating habits (trying so hard to cut out the junk food), stretch before a workout and always lift with my legs.

Moment by moment

I have to admit that I'm a big baby when I get sick.
After a stressful couple of weeks which entailed me dealing with my father being in the hospital (he's better and back home now), the housing market slowing down which is to be expected during this season.
The stock market having more bad days then good starting off the new year and then there's my grown daughter who's under the illusion that I'm going tho take care of her.
When it come to being independent and self sufficient, she certainly isn't her mother's daughter, which is very disappointing.
I started working when I was 12 or 13 delivering newspapers. Moved to NYC when I was 19 with only $100 to my name but my daughter, she just laze around with no ambition or direction and she has so much talent! It's just  frustrating and starting to really tick me off!!
Wait some how I've straid off the beaten path. Where was I, yes I've been fighting a cold that has had me down since my date last Friday (come to find out, he's been sick too).
I missed a dinner at Nicola Thursday and now I'm trying not to miss the #Wonderball event at the Columbus Museum of Art this Saturday. So I'm trying with all my might to knock this cold out of my system with chicken noodle soup with a lot of cayenne pepper, green tea with lemon and now a short of whiskey! 
I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be feeling like my ole self again and ready for the weekend!!!