Monday, February 21, 2011

Finally, An Update!!!

I know, I know!!! I said that I would get better at keeping my blog updated on a weekly or monthly bases but for some reason I just can't keep it going smoothly! I guess my mind is ALL over the place trying to find some steady ground!!!

Wondering what I've been up too??!! Well, I've been trying to free myself from a toxic relationship while getting my life back in order, now enjoying a loving and fulfilling relationship all while regaining the strength from within. I tell you, it's been a couple of trying years but I find it to be a growing experience to say the least. Sometimes it's best to look at stressful times in our lives as a lesson to be learned. We acknowledge, we learn, we grow and then we move on to enjoy better times in our lives!!! I think for most of us, we tend to dwell on the negative when there is sooo many wonderful things going on in our lives in which we should embrace wholeheartedly.

I can't believe how after so many wonderful and dear people in my life have told me time and time again how wonderful and how loved I am that I let just one narcissistic, sadistic, conniving, lying, vengeful person make me fell otherwise but no more!!! I've seen the light and I'm becoming a lot stronger as the days go by!!! I can't help but wonder if the illness they're suffering has a lot to do with karma!!! I truly believe that it does!!!  As they say, "Karma is a BITCH"!!! Oh well, life goes on and I only grow stronger!!!!

My modeling career is still going strong (checkout my Facebook Page for more info.) and now I'm getting my feet wet with acting, playing the role of a vampire in the up and coming webisodes called "The Oakman Project"!!

Production will be begin very soon and it's a part I can't wait to sink my teeth into!!! To get the inside scoop on updates and view photos, feel free to visit their Facebook Page and click on "Like"!!!

Final note: Make sure to checkout my baby girl!!! Looks like she following in her mother's foot steps!!! :)

Thank you for your support!!!