Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dating Oneself . . . .

I figured just because I'm a fantastic, wonderful mom, friend, sibling, and daughter doesn't mean that I have to forget about little ole me.

Often times we as women tend to cater to everyone's needs but our own, causing us to be stressed, feel unappreciated and a tad bit resentful.

That's why I make it a point to have time for myself.
Time to relax, meditate, catch up on my reading and maybe sip a glass of vino while listening to some smooth jazz.

Then there are times where I will go out with some friends to dinner or to a club to let my hair down and free myself from stress.
Hey, I'm like a free spirit like the wind, a Libra who is ruled by Venus.

There has to be a balance, can't be all work!!

This year I promised myself that if there are times I need to go out to get a break and none of my friends can accompany me, then I will make it a point to go out with myself. If it's to go bike riding, to a coffee shop to read, a deli, a restuarant or a night club, then it can be me, myself and I.

Hmm, maybe I should take myself to Brownstone On Main some Tuesday and checkout the "Black Pearl Poetry" or checkout the "Thirty Something Thursdays" at Light Columbus. Of course if I don't have any other plans this weekend, I could always take myself to club Karma or BoMA. We'll see. I just hope I don't stand myself up.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Looking For Talent and Watching ESPN

Well it's suppose to be Spring, but it's hard to tell when looking outside my window. So dark and gloomy. Where is the sunshine ?

Right now I'm working on setting up an event for my Timeless Beauties project, while steady recruiting models for the project and for my modeling group MDMG - Models Den Model Group & Associates.

All while watching racial issues regarding sports on ESPN. Does it bother me about the racial issues in America? Of course it does, but I can't let it get the best of me especially being a black woman. Through history, we have been wrongly stereo-typed, ridiculed and disrespected.

Still we march on dispelling the rumors and venomous words with our heads held high. Showing that we are strong, very intelligent, well spoken and deserve the highest respect. Regardless of the craziness, I'm a proud black woman and never wanted to be anything else. I will continue to stand proud and I will continue to fight for cultural unity!!!

Alright, now back to the job or should I say jobs at hand Timeless Beauties event planning, recruiting more talent, setting up photo shoots, trying to finish up a couple more designs, organizing activities for my moms group (Hip Multicultural Moms) and taking care of my family.

Well, I guess it's time to put on a big pot of strong coffee.
Anyone want to take me with them when they go on vacation. . . lol

Women age 30 and over living the Central Ohio area. If you're physically fit, exudes confidence and sex appeal, then I'm looking for you for the Timeless Beauties" project. If interested, CLICK HERE ! to sign-up.

ALSO - Still looking for male and female models 18 and over to join my modeling group. You have to be 5'7 and over, a fantastic look with a wonderful personality. If interested, CLICK HERE !

Friday, April 13, 2007

Why Do We Do It???

This morning after getting out of the shower I pondered about the ritual that I was about to perform. The ritual of "Putting On My Jeans".
As I paced back and forth staring at my jeans which seem to mock me while laying upon my bed, all I could think of was, "WHY"? Why I must I put myself through this every time?

As I pondered a little while longer, I had finally held the jeans in my hand. Bending down, I began to slide one foot into one leg and then the other, easily pulling them up over my calves, then over my knees. . . .soon the workout began!!! Jumping up and down, tugging and pulling wondering if I ate too many sweets the day before or did too many deep knee bends or squats (thoughts that always seem to plague my mind when engaging in this ritual), because it always seems as if the workout begins when pulling the jeans over my thighs, hips and behind.

More jumping and pulling, jumping and pulling, finally the jeans are resting on my waist. I breath a sigh of relief hoping not to pass out, I zip them up and snap or just button them up whichever the case maybe (today it was buttoning). Putting on a nice designer blouse and one of my favorite pair of heels, I look into the mirror and smile. "Now this is why we do what we do". . . . . . . . . . . to look good!!!