Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Spring and I'm Busy as a Bee !!!

Running back and forth, up and down trying doing several things at once!!

From updating my Hip Multicultural Moms website, updating my blogs, answering email, mopping floors while reminising about how enjoyable my life was when I lived in NYC and felt like a princess to preparing my son's lunch, watering my garden, watering the horses, replying to invites, scheduling photo shoots, arranging meetings, scheduling activities, scheduling events, running around looking for the Murphy's Oil soap to clean the woodwork in my house.

Whew!!! People often ask me how I stay in shape other than exercising, well. . . . there you go!!!

For the fans, stay patient new photos will be appearing soon!!! Hopefully, I will be updating my Model's Den site within a couple of weeks. If you have any suggestions for The Model's Den site, feel free to send them to me.

Oh, haven't really had time to work on my designs as of yet but will try and get some samples completed and showcased on the site.