Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Living Life

I have to say that I've been off my game for awhile, dealing with a lot of personal issues but I'm happy to say that I'm bouncing back. A Phoenix rising baby, a Phoenix rising!!!!Working on my sites, taking on newer projects, regaining my creativity and confidence. Along with getting back into the local social scene.

I tell you one thing, it's wonderful to have friends and family that are there for you in your time of need especially during these times when everything seems to be a bit grey. Like what's happening over in Haiti. Seeing what's been going on over there certainly makes me feel a lot more grateful for the good things that I do have in my life. My heart and my prayers go out to the victims of Haiti's earthquake. May God be with you and your families.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tired of Being Tested. . . .

I swear, for the past several months it seems my life has consisted of one test after another. Especially when itt comes to how much cramp I can handle. I mean really!!!! Are you f@#king kidding me!!!!
It amazes me how people love to test your patience!!! They love to see how far they can push you like it's some type of joke or other words, see if they can really piss you off!!!!

I know, I know the saying is "if you let them get to you then they control the situation, therefore you have to remain calm and let it go". Yeah, easier said then done!!!!

Hmmmm, I think it's time to go doing a little workout on my punching bag. That tends to release my frustrations. . . .

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Battle. . . .

Here I sit looking outside my window at the whiteness that covers the ground, wishing that I was somewhere else preferably warmer gazing unto the clear blue sunny skies as a warm breeze cascades over me.

Needing a heavenly calm and peace to wash over me. For the past several months I've been trying to find a sense of well being while fighting off the negative things that try to continiously invade my life.

In the mist of all the stress, I've somehow lost that spark and I'm fighting so desperately to get it back.

I'm hating the feeling of sadness and helplessness that I seem to battle lately. It's not me!!!!
I have to find that fire within me to rekindle so I may remove myself from a situation that has caused me much unhappiness and truly enjoy the wonderous things along with the wonderous people in my life.

When I said this year was going to be the begining of a more positive and joyous life for me, I meant it. Nothing and no one will stand in my way!!! Not ever again!!!!

These may be ramblings to others but for those who know me, they know exactly what I am talking about.
I am a phoenix rising, so watch out :)