Saturday, November 15, 2008

What Are They Doing???

Yesterday, I watched C-Span. Yes a pretty face with a brain go figure. . . lol
Yes, there are many facets to moi believe it or not :)
Now back to about me watching C-Span. . .

Members of congress were interrogating an intern from the Department of Treasury about the use of money from the Bail Out Plan.

I found it fascinating how there was no clear cut plan on how the money was going to be used. Nor were there any rules or stipulations on how the money was to be distributed. So we, the tax payers who were not thrilled about the Bail Out Plan in the first place are screwed once again. (I think there should be a Major investigation done regarding the whole situation because some things are not adding up!!!)

It goes to show that the senators we put in office don't know what the hell their doing or voting for (like the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act which most Americans were against also) nor do they have a clue when it comes to helping our country out of this financial crisis. For the senators who didn't want to vote for the Bail Out Plan but voted anyway, SHAME ON YOU for not standing up for the rights of the American people!!! Someone has to show some guts!!! If you're not going to stand for us, then don't stand at all!!!

I think it's time to put together a committee of smart, successful business men who can draw up a clear cut plan that will not be confusing to the members of congress or the American people that will help America's financial crisis.

Also I believe that it's high time for the creation of a political bipartisan party who is truly looking out for the Americans and their country's best interest instead of their own. A party that cannot be brought by special interest groups. A party that will take care of those who show the slightest sign of corruption. A party that will truly try it's best to unify this country. I know I'm a dreamer but I'm also an optimist who believes anything is possible.

I, along with other Americans have become tired of the partisanship between the Republicans and Democrats. Along with the fact I don't believe neither parties have worked to earn the trust or loyalty of the American people for quite a long time!!!