Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Things Can Only Get Better.....

The sun light shines brightly through my window as I hear cars flying by in both directions near by.

My mind filled with random thoughts and creative ideas, while my feet are propped up on a near by stool as I admire the black high heel boots I purchased from DSW which I'm trying to break in.

"Focus", I think to myself trying to concentrate on one thing at a time which seems to be a major task as my desk looks as if a tornado has danced upon it.

Hmmm note to self "must organize office or find someone crazy enough to do it for me", I think to myself with a slight grin.

Yes, I'm in such a joyous mood on this beautiful sunny day and why is that??!!

Could it be that I woke up in a glorious mood after hearing a certain song on the radio or could it be because of a sweet simple text I received or maybe its because of a certain someone or maybe a certain something or maybe a combination of both??!!

Either or I've decided to open myself to the possibilities, telling fear to take a hike.

Many of us are scared to take chances because of situations we've experienced in the past therefore letting fear grip us and take complete control, not allowing ourselves to open up and truly experience the possibility of something special and amazing.

I admit that I continue to tread cautiously when it comes to new experiences and relationships but at least I'm putting myself out there and praying that I make the right choices this time around.

Ok, enough of the self revelation....

This past weekend I attended the Annual Columbus Creative Industry

Mixer (#CCIMevent) benefiting Project Zero Ohio. This is an event I try to attend every year to mix and mingle with industry professionals in the Columbus area. Professionals such as fashion designers, photographers, talent agents, film and media along with many talented local artists. As usual I had a fabulous time.

The next (not to be missed) events on the roster are Columbus Fashion Week (#CMHFashionWeek), showcasing some of our most talented and amazing local fashion designers! Then there's Highball Halloween (#HighBallCbus), combining fabulous fashions with Halloween surrounded by amazing costumes!!!

Oh how I love Columbus in the fashionable Fall.

Monday, September 22, 2014


There are days where I sit at my desk staring at my laptop as my mind screams "GET ME OUT OF HERE"!!!
I know there is so much more to my life but right now I feel as if I'm going in slow motion trying to get somewhere fast but moving at a snail's pace. I truly need a vacation, a get away, an escape to recharge myself and quiet my mind.

I need to revive the creative aspect of my mind and I need to silence everything else that is going on in my thoughts which can be a difficult task for a woman from time to time.

Especially when you're dealing with raising a family on your own, taking care of a household, working on projects all while maintaining a positive outlook on life which can be a challenge within it's self but I press on sometimes in the moment and other times in an "outer body experience".

What do you mean "outer body experience" you may say. Well, what I mean by that is my body is here doing all the tasks that need to be done but my mind is off elsewhere. Which goes to show that I do need an escape or I could just take the time to meditate on a daily basis focusing more on my inner being maintaining inner peace while coping with the surrounding world outside.

Oh, who am I kidding??!! I want to be spoiled and pampered right about now!!! LOL

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Black Actor Playing James Bond??!!

After reading an article on about Denzel Washington being interested in playing James Bond, I thought to myself "is the world let alone America ready for a black actor to play James Bond?

I for one would love to see it!!!

I know some may complain that I'm not being political correct by saying "black" and not "African American".

Well the actor in which I believe would be the best candidate for that particular role is not from American but from England.

So you see, African American would not be an appropriate description and the actor I am referring to is Idris Elba. Sorry, didn't mean to go off topic but anyway....

Though I love Denzel and think he's an amazing actor, I truly believe that Idris Elba would be best suited for the part if ever the studio decided to make such a move despite some people stating (yes, there's actually a forum on the subject) that creator Ian Fleming would roll over in his grave.
Idris Elba     -     Denzel Washington

So again I ask the question, "is the world ready for a black actor to play James Bond"?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Twlight Zone

I swear there are times where I feel as if I'm living in the twilight zone. Sometimes I can have the weirdest of days!!! Like today!! Dealing with egotistical, irritating and pessimistic people.
Not to mention technical difficulties with my son's phone while he's on a trip with his classmates out of state.

I swear, I literally want to grab my pillow and scream into.
I think for the most part its just a sign that I need a much deserved vacation!!!

Since work has tapered off a bit, I'm now looking into increasing my investments by building up my stock portfolio and investing in real estate. Both rentals and re-sales

Which should give me plenty to do with researching, financing, choosing the right contractors, to getting down and dirty with renovations since I enjoy doing with home improvement projects myself.

Hmmm, maybe I should contact #HGTV and pitch my own little home improvement show. . .lol

As far as the modeling goes, I'm still doing a few local fashion shows here and there along with keeping the portfolio up to date shooting with amazing local talent.

Still planning trips to major cities to sign with agencies but for now that's on the back burner until next year. So keep an eye on my Facebook pageTwitter and Instagram for updates. :)

My love life, well don't ask. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find someone with some true substance. 

Where's the romance, where's the passion, where's the depth, where's the wanting to truly get to know someone and connect on a stronger level?

I know for me, I would like to find someone I can truly connect with on every level. Someone who can be my best friend as well as my lover. Someone I can laugh and be silly with, to cuddle with when the world seems cold. To share the good as well as the bad with, knowing that having each other makes everything seem alright.

Ah, that would be so nice to have....but

Right now you have to have on some very high waders to muddle around in all the dating scene BS of today but all in all I still remain forever hopeful that the one I seek is still out there trying to find me. I just wish he would hurry up.