Thursday, June 5, 2008

Like Fine Wine

Last night I watched "She's Got The Look" on channel TVLand (which I think it should have been moved to another network). It's a modeling competition for models 35 and over, I have to say that I was very impressed by the show, showcasing that women are still just as beautiful and desirable pass the age of 35. Hell, I think your life truly begins when you're in your 30's.

I myself had plan to audition for the show by flying out to New York where they had auditions but due to a family matter I was unable to attend.

I wish I did but I'm quite sure I will get another chance because I think the show despite what network it's on will be a success.

I for one think, as many women get older they feel more confident, beautiful and sexy. Especially if they take good care of themselves both physically and mentally.

Kudos to the creators and producers of the show for showing that like wine many of us only get finer with time.


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