Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh My What A Ball!!!

I really enjoyed attending the Columbus Arts Masquerade Ball with my friends. Which was a fundraising event for The OSU James Cancer Center. We had such an amazing time!!! In fact I had too much of an amazing time and paid for it the very next day big time but it was well worth it!!!!

For those who would like to donate to The OSU James Cancer Center, please follow the link: and please give generously!!! Thank you!!! xoxo

Other than attending events such as the Masquerade Ball and the grand opening of Columbus newest hot spot Fleur. Which is a Champagne, vodka dessert lounge inspired concept (by the way love the concept, the decor and atmosphere!!). I've been doing photo shoots, preparing for my role as a vampire and trying to get into other projects to keep myself busy. One thing for sure, though I love Columbus I have to start traveling very soon. I think the problem with me having very little inspiration is because I've become too complacent and I need to spread my wings once again and travel to my favorite places such as New York, Chicago, Miami and maybe finally make my way to Las Vegas baby!!!

Have to recharge!and reestablish myself!!!

By the way!!! Here are some up and coming local events to check out!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Finally, An Update!!!

I know, I know!!! I said that I would get better at keeping my blog updated on a weekly or monthly bases but for some reason I just can't keep it going smoothly! I guess my mind is ALL over the place trying to find some steady ground!!!

Wondering what I've been up too??!! Well, I've been trying to free myself from a toxic relationship while getting my life back in order, now enjoying a loving and fulfilling relationship all while regaining the strength from within. I tell you, it's been a couple of trying years but I find it to be a growing experience to say the least. Sometimes it's best to look at stressful times in our lives as a lesson to be learned. We acknowledge, we learn, we grow and then we move on to enjoy better times in our lives!!! I think for most of us, we tend to dwell on the negative when there is sooo many wonderful things going on in our lives in which we should embrace wholeheartedly.

I can't believe how after so many wonderful and dear people in my life have told me time and time again how wonderful and how loved I am that I let just one narcissistic, sadistic, conniving, lying, vengeful person make me fell otherwise but no more!!! I've seen the light and I'm becoming a lot stronger as the days go by!!! I can't help but wonder if the illness they're suffering has a lot to do with karma!!! I truly believe that it does!!!  As they say, "Karma is a BITCH"!!! Oh well, life goes on and I only grow stronger!!!!

My modeling career is still going strong (checkout my Facebook Page for more info.) and now I'm getting my feet wet with acting, playing the role of a vampire in the up and coming webisodes called "The Oakman Project"!!

Production will be begin very soon and it's a part I can't wait to sink my teeth into!!! To get the inside scoop on updates and view photos, feel free to visit their Facebook Page and click on "Like"!!!

Final note: Make sure to checkout my baby girl!!! Looks like she following in her mother's foot steps!!! :)

Thank you for your support!!!