Monday, January 12, 2015

Now What

So it's a new year and I'm feeling very optimistic!!! It's winter and the housing market has started
slowing down which is to be expected during this season.

So to occupy my time other than preparing for a Springtime marketing campaign, I've been really getting into Day Trading in the stock market. This was one of the many things I enjoyed doing when I was  a lot younger but now I've rediscovered a my passion for it and I have to say I still know how to pick them!

Other than Day Trading, I 've been trying to keep myself busy with other projects in order to fight off cabin fever and boredom (soooo tempted to start drinking coffee again!!!).

The only time I like winter a tad bit is seeing the first snow fall which I always hope it will be either on Christmas eve or Christmas morning and of course it didn't occur on neither day.

The other times where I seem to enjoy snow is if I'm skiing which I haven't done in years or cuddled up with someone special in front of nice roaring fireplace in a nice cozy cabin. The latter could occur if I suggest it for Valentine's Day. That's if the snow is still around but I may plan something a little bit more exciting!! ;)

Other than hanging with my kiddies, I have been enjoying some events around town like Gallery Hop even though I missed this past one due to the fact that I was watching my Steelers.

Just this past weekend my beau and I enjoyed the Refectory's Jazz Dinner Club which the restaurant host upstairs in a private room. The entertainment for the night was BRIAN MICHAEL SMITH singing some tunes of Frank Sinatra!

Along with the entertainment, their amazing and attentive staff served a wonderful four course meal that consisted of Chilled Smoked Salmon/Mussels Feuillete, Duck Mousseline Dome, Asado Marinated/Roasted Veal Medallion and for dessert Pear Bavarian. I highly recommend checking it out.

Another place of interest that we've had the pleasure of visiting these past couple of weeks was the Wexner Center when they were exhibiting Transfigurations - Modern Masters from the Wexner Family Collection, such as Picasso, Edgar Degas, Jean Dubuffet, Willem De Kooning, Alberto Giacometti and Susan Rothernberg. I thank the Wexner family for giving the public a chance to enjoy the work of such artist.

So as you can see instead of  just hanging out with the gals for "Happy Hour", I've been getting back into taking pleasure in the cultural experiences that Columbus has to offer with someone I truly enjoy being with.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Another New Year

Happy New Year to all!!!  Sorry that I'm a couple of days late. It's just I've been a bit occupied but in a very good way!! ;)

My new year was rung in in a very special way and no, I'm not giving details!!!

Just know that thinking about it brings a smile to my face as I hope for many that the new year brings many smiles, plenty of love and lots of laughter!!!

Remember with the New Year it brings new hope, new beginnings and aspirations!!! So let's toast to the New Year and all the many wonderful things it will bring!!!