Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Not Broken (A short story-Pg.2)

The day started off with the sun shining beautifully high above the clouds as the cool autumn breeze drifted through the air.

Finally the day was over and done. As predicted she greeted the day with a smile to shield the world from the heartache that she was feeling. It wasn't only him, she was also dealing with family problems along with other personal issues. She knew she had no choice but to keep it together and be strong.

Luckily this day was quite easy and not too many stressful situations to content with but yet thoughts of him lingered along with the other issues. Why oh why, she thought to herself and then quietly she said to herself, "this too shall pass".

Arriving home she goes through her mail while walking towards the kitchen to open up a bottle of sparkling wine that she had chilling in the frig. Finally getting it opened after struggling for a second she pours herself a glass and downs it. Then she pours herself another glass, taking it along with the bottle she heads upstairs to her spacious master suite.

She walks into the master bathroom with the bottle of sparkling wine and glass still in tow as she slips off her high heels. Placing the bottle and glass on the side of her sunk in tub she reaches to turn the hot water on. Sitting on the edge she pours lavender bubble bath foam and lavender baby oil into running water. As soon as the water reaches the desirable height, she shuts the water off and walks over to the shower and turns it on then she begins to unclothe.

After taking a quick shower, she slowly sinks into the bubble bath that's still quite warm. She begins to lite the candles surrounding the edge of the bathtub. Afterwards she leans her head back onto her bath pillow, picks up the glass of sparkling wine sitting beside her, takes a sip then sits the glass back down.

Soon she closes her eyes listening to a Nora Jones song playing in the background on the smooth jazz station she created on her Pandora's playlist. Soon the moment was taking her away from everything.

Peace and calm has taken over her, she begins to feel euphoric then her phone begins to ring....

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